Cooperative Suite of Services

The Cooperative Suite of Services specifically caters to the needs of family law cases where there are complicated legal or financial needs.  The Cooperative Suite of Services is designed according to the needs of each case and incorporates professionals with a variety of specialties into the mediation process.  Professionals that may be incorporated into the Cooperative Suite of Services include Family law Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Planners, Business Evaluators, Mental Health Professionals, and Child Custody Experts.

Professionals that serve in a Cooperative role during the mediation agree not to become involved in any litigation should the case not be resolved in the course of mediation.  The Co-operative Professionals serve in a neutral and impartial manner providing information in their area of expertise in order to assist parties in making fully informed decisions.

The mediator is responsible for the process of incorporating the Cooperative Professionals into the mediation process and will work with the parties to determine what Cooperative Professionals they agree to use, what the role of those professionals will be in the process, and how the information gathered may be used.

Not all cases need this level of service, however, the Cooperative Suite of Services allows the mediation process to be designed for the specific needs of your case and provides a private, non-adversarial, and impartial setting for you to resolve your family’s legal and financial matters.

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